Technology has changed the way children view media

Children watching TV

Technology has changed the way children view media

According to a new report, the way that children view media has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Technology, such as the iPhone and tablets, has given them a much wider choice and enabled them to decide when and where they interact with different sources.

The Connected Kids report looked at information and statistics from 1995 to now in order to give a clear view of the media habits of children. The annual report speaks to around 2,000 children who are aged between five and 16. The latest data has collated responses over the past two decades to see exactly how attitudes and habits have changed.

Multi-screen users

The report shows that children are now regularly watching more than one screen at the same time. This could involve them searching the internet on a laptop or Android tablet whilst they are watching television. In the 1990s, children got most of their information from magazines or the television, whereas today they can connect to a variety of sources through their mobiles or tablets.

Choosing when to watch

Technology has even changed how children watch television. Today, more children are using on-demand services or watching via the internet rather than watching live television. More than half of those who responded had used YouTube at some point since 2013 to watch programmes or videos.

This report shows that the internet is now a crucial component of children’s lives. It gives them the opportunity to explore the subjects that interest them whenever they choose.

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