Check out the top parenting gadgets

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Check out the top parenting gadgets

Technology has improved many areas of our lives, providing quicker and easier ways of completing certain tasks. There are now a number of gadgets on the market that can make the job of a parent far easier. Here’s a look at a few of the top choices.

The dummy thermometer

Instead of attempting to put a thermometer under a child’s arm or on their head when they’re ill, this gadget makes the process much simpler. The dummy thermometer is placed in the child’s mouth in the same way that a normal dummy would be used, but it takes the child’s temperature and displays it on the front of the device.

The internet baby monitor

Some traditional parents might think that this gadget is going too far and would prefer a traditional baby monitor. However, you can now buy a video baby monitor that enables you to view your child over the internet. This means that you can even have a look on your iPhone while you’re out of the house.

The Baby Shusher

This device could be the answer to your prayers when your baby won’t go to sleep in the middle of the night. The strange-looking gadget makes sounds that are reminiscent of being in the womb, which helps to naturally calm your baby down and eventually fall sleep.

Smartphones and tablets

When you’re up in the middle of the night, you’ll wonder what parents ever did without smartphones and Android tablets. Having one of these devices keeps you in touch with the world via the news, social media, and the internet while you’re feeding and getting your baby back to sleep.

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