Check out the top parenting gadgets

Technology has improved many areas of our lives, providing quicker and easier ways of completing certain tasks. There are now a number of gadgets on ...

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Technology has changed the way children view media

According to a new report, the way that children view media has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Technology, such as the iPhone and ...

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Pilot reading scheme improves children’s development

Early Words Together is a pilot scheme that aims to improve the language and communication skills of disadvantaged children between the ages of two ...

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Sometimes you have to say “no”

We’re all familiar with the face and sound of a toddler who has been told he or she can’t do or have something. Even though it can be easy to give ...

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Gender plays a role in parents’ technology choices

Research conducted by PlayScience, a children’s research company, has highlighted that the gender of children can have an influence on the digital ...

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Getting creative with your tablet

Tablets and smartphones can open up a whole world of creative possibilities for you and your children. There are a number of free apps available ...

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